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Divinity Communications is founded by Gloria Yu, a veteran public relations and communication professional in the fashion industry with 20 years of experience.


Get to Know Us

​Having the tenure at one of the most leading multi-brand fashion houses in Hong Kong since 2001 and being the key liaison of corporate communication and external relations with media, celebrities, influencers and VIPs, Yu was experienced in managing local and international multi-labels of fashion, beauty and catering by identifying their potential to create a synergy unique to its corporate branding.


With vast experience in managing over 80 brands from Europe, the US, Canada, Japan and Korea over the years, Yu is expertise in identifying each brand's potential to formulate strategies to maximize the synergy and achieve the goals in the context of promoting Hong Kong designer labels and Hong Kong-based corporate branding.


As the founder and key responsible executive of Divinity Communications, Yu and her team are experienced in curating 360 integrated marketing strategies, particularly in PR strategy activation from ideation to execution with qualitative and quantitative KPIs in Fashion, Beauty and Restaurant sectors.


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